Beauty Buys.

On my last trip to Boots I was in need of a new skin product and a mascara. There was a deal on at the Revlon counter- 2 things for £12. I bought the Beyond Natural foundation, this is one that comes out white and has tiny little black beads in it that turn into your skin colour. I am pleased with it so far and it is nice and light. The mascara I bought is the Revlon Double Twist. I am also very impressed with this, it has a big brush and lengthens the lashes as well as thickening them. I would recommend both of the products and think this deal is great value!
My favourite product of the minute is this; dead sea source coffee body scrub. It smells divine and scrubs up your skin gorgeously. Also the oils in it keep your skin soft, and you can faintly smell it afterwards.
Maddy xo


  1. Does it make your lashes really thick? Can you give us some picture where you are wearing it? I am looking for a good,thickening mascara which isn't too expensive. Now i love yves saint laurents mascara's but i would love to find as good as that but cheaper one.

    Really nice blog by the way. Following. Hope you 2 do :)

  2. Can't believe you live in derby!! Thanks so much for following + commenting :) I'll follow back!

    That scrub looks sooo nice!

    And yeah, it's sad but true that most people on lookbook do seem to have the money :( I've just hyped so far haha! We will get there one day ;)

    Serina xxx

  3. I love derby, its great for shopping :)
    I used to live in chesterfield! aha. now cheshire! :)

    lovely review!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  4. Thank u so much for your comment! your hair style is soo cute I really like it.

  5. woah! i have to try that coffee body scrub, i love the smell of coffee! great post xxx

  6. Great post! I have been looking for a new mascara! will check it out!

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  8. i've been needing to replace my mascara! thanks for the post! :)

    Jennifer and Sherry

  9. lovely post! a trip to Boots will do me good!

  10. I LOVE body scrubs and the smell of coffee! must try that!

  11. woah!! lovely blog of make up!!!
    thanks so much for stopping by!