YSL inspired Nails.

Ok, I'll admit that I am slightly obsessed with nail varnish. I just think nails without paint look too plain. I guess this doesn't go down well at my school, as there is the "No nail varnish" rule. But even so, I paint my nails. Well it's the Summer Holidays now anyway, and I have a lot of time so when I saw the Yves Saint Laurent 'couture manicure', I thought I'd give it a try for myself. They're not quite as nice, but they're already getting noticed and I quite like them. Here's a quick snap:

My version.

YSL Version.
Maddy xo


  1. Oh my god!! I love them so much! You did a really good job! How did you do the tips? I know it's probably a silly question but I know so many people that do them different ways.


  2. Thankyou Gem (: I have this nail art kit from forever ago. It has these really thin brushes xo

  3. wow very nice nails!^.^ I think i'm going to try this out too!:) really pretty!^^

  4. Nice, I'm going to try and re-create this! x