The lazy days are over.

It's the end of Summer, and Year 11 begins on Wednesday. Most of my days have consisted of: get up around 11am, take 2 hours to get ready, tweet/blog, eat, watch BB...etc. So I thought I'd writeabout the fun stuff I've done this summer...

Firstly I had a French Exchange from Paris. I shall be going to stay with her at Easter. Excited!

This holiday I've spent a lot of time Blogging, I've ditched Facebook and moved to Twitter. Click here to check me out over there!

I took a trip to London, we went shopping and for sushi. I LOVE LONDON!

Then I took a trip to Lincoln, where I stayed with my friend Emma at her Dad's house. When we go there for the weekend, we go shopping in all the cute boutiques and sit in Cafe's. Then we make weird snacks, and sit in her room watching trash TV.

That's about it, the rest of the time I've just been listening to music loudly in my room, or at the gym. It's been a good holiday for catching up with old friends too, and spending time with family :) This is a picture of me posing in my garden, one of the ONLY sunny days! How does everyone's Summer compare?
Maddy xo


  1. Awwww...it sounded like such a fun summer! I'M super excited for your exchange at Easter! haha


  2. Great pictures! :) I like your blog. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too? xoxo


  3. Great post, your blog is really fab too!

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  5. That sounds like a good summer, compared to mine! Though not enough shopping from the sound of it! :D

  6. Great pics. that French exchange sounds so exciting!! :)sarahD

  7. i've done a few exchanges before, they're always a load of fun! almost as fun as watching trashy tv :p


  8. London is the best city!! love London!

    Take a peek! our first blog.

    best regards from Sweden :)