not as it should be...

Ok so I planned an outfit post yesterday but didn't have time to take pictures before I went out then I ended up not coming home til midnight. And I left my clothes that I was wearing at my Aunties, so I can't take pictures today. Confusing right? So instead I've decided to post about some new buys...

Clockwise from top left- 17 fast finish Baked Cherry, Peacock, Topshop Sale Earrings, Smokey Marble, True Blue, Midnight Sapphire, Miss Selfridge Rings

I wore this colour out last night [ring-Topshop], I've never worn it before and I think it's gorge.
17- Seabreeze.

So yeah quite a few nail polishes, my Mum actually bought them all (we're both a bit obsessed) because there's a 3 for 2 offer on at 17. I bought the earrings and rings in the sales, I love the cameo earrings and all the little cute rings- even if they are massive on my tiny fingers. I also finally got some white eyeliner, it is my new must have!

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Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I love you wing ring. utterly gorgeous and nice nail polishes :)


  2. those earings and ring buys are a bargain! & can i have your nails please? :)

    thank you for the mention lovely, it made my day! :) xxxxx

  3. Thank you so much!!! So grateful :D love your blog xx

  4. wow thx for your comment on our blog!!!
    love the rings!!!

    xx, tany and nati

  5. yeah i agree, its natural to get inspiration from your family members, :) think its more personal as well
    Im loving that nail colour by the way, which reminds me I need to stock up on blue nail varnishes!!! hahaa


  6. Nice photos!
    answer: I do it on PhotoScape!

  7. Hi, I make a giveaway on my blog, you can participate if you want !

    xx, Leah.


  8. ooh i love that ring!!! :) x

  9. I love the nail colour and the ring!