I want to break free.

Yes I did paint my nails on the way there...

I really liked this playsuit from H&M but the jumper thing was a bit of a joke. 

These trousers from H&M were hilarious!
This was just my outfit from today:
Top: Vero Moda
Jeans/Boots: H&M

This top from Topshop was really cool and different for me. 
This peter pan collared blouse from Topshop was really cute.
Today me and Lubie caught the train to Nottingham for a full on day of shopping. I think it was really successful and came home with plenty of bags. So here are some classy 'changing room pictures', year 8 styleee. I tried on some pretty crazy stuff today, and some things that are going on my wishlist!

I will be posting about my new purchases soon so stay tuned!



  1. Great pictures your outfits are awesome!
    Favourites- outfit number 2 and outfit number 5!
    2- i love the whole long cardigan idea! And very lay-like too! :D
    5- that top is just awesome! its just a perfect rock out style:D
    I love that you can vary between lots of different styles it wouldn't suit many people, your very lucky:)
    The hair!<3

  2. love the playsuit! your hair is lush! xxx

  3. great post! your hair is so so amazing!!

    xx, Sabinna and David


  4. haha i think the trousers from h&m look really good actually! you could definitely pull off that pattern xo

  5. love the playsuit! and i adore your scarf!
    Krissy xoxo

  6. That playsuit is absolutely gorgeous! Really suits you :) x

  7. oh another beautiful peter pan collar by topshop.
    love the playsuit too.

    Helen, X