recent weeks...

 cool kids.
 ice tea love
 had my hair done at hair and beauty like this
 cat flicks that worked :)
 reached 100 followers!
 reese's cup and Elle magazine
 went to see The Struts
 pretty sky
homemade peanut butter squares

Here I have compiled some photograph's from the past few weeks of my life, most were taken on my blackberry so are not the best quality in the world but who's complaining?! I love looking at people's 'my week in photos' but most of my weeks are pretty boring as I am at school...


  1. I forgot that you live in Derby too! Nice photos :)

  2. I can't actually remember you know! It might have been one of your early posts, or I think I might have been looking for other bloggers in Derby and came across yours! Don't get freaked out haha :P Yeah I was thinking exactly the same thing about that :/ x

  3. great photos, those peanut butter squares look yummo haha :)

  4. that's such a great photo of your hair. that must've taken a long time!

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com x

  5. Heeeyy, thank you sooo much for the kind words.
    And sorry for the very late answer.. :)

    Hope you'll like our blog!
    Cheers from Sweden

  6. love these pictures, those peanut butter squares look yummy!!! x