I returned home in the early hours of Tuesday morning from Spain. Bearing in mind that I haven't been abroad for three years, it was a much needed/deserved rest from GCSE hell. I went away with all my family for a week at an all inclusive hotel. I've never been all inclusive before and it was soo good! I didn't over eat at all, but the food was amazing. Paella/risotto NOM. 

Most of the time I just chilled by the pool, but I stayed in the shade a lot as I did not want to burn. I feel tanned now I'm in England, but in Spain against the locals I felt ridiculously pale! We stayed in Malaga and were near the beach (Playa Los Alamos) . The beach was really nice but I didn't go in the sea, at night it is so pretty walking down the long road towards Torremolinos. Everything comes to life at night and people roller blade, walk their dogs and jog along the main street.

I will not easily forget this holiday! I bought a few things whilst I was there, which I will be posting about soon...

Maddy xo

P.S. How amazing is my bro's "Boys on tour" T Shirt?


  1. I love your hair!

  2. sounds like a nice time! i'd love to go to spain. cute pictures :)

  3. Aw, sounds like you had a great time. I need me a holiday! x

  4. hahaha love your post!! yo have been in my country! yes I´m spanish! but I don´t like bulls or sevillanas hahahaha
    Check my blog ;) and follow me pretty!


  5. I love your blog! Great pictures and great posts. You kinda remind me of Scarlet Johansson. Haha. Totally following!


  6. ah I was in Spain last month and reading this makes me want to go back!!

  7. Definitely a good thing you went to Sunny Spain as the weather now in the UK is pretty rubbish isn't it? Lovely holiday snaps!

  8. Youre so pretty and you have stunning hair. My hair used to curl like that too, but then all of a sudden it stopped. Now it's just wavy. I don't use heat on it or anything, perhaps it's just where I'm getting older!!

    I found you accidently through twitter and I have to say that I'm glad I did. Your blog is awesome.

    All the best,