Paris je t'aime

I arrived back in Blighty yesterday morning, after an incredible week in Paris! It was a return visit as I had a french girl stay with me last summer. I went to Paris 3 years ago and did all of the touristy type things then, so was happy to go with the flow but had a few ideas of where I wanted to go.

The appartment I stayed in was in arrondisement 20, which is where the famous cemetery Père Lachaise is located. So on the first day I payed a visit to it, and I have to say it is strangely beautiful. I would really recommend going, it is not too depressing (especially as it was really sunny when I went). Then after that I went shopping in Galeries Lafayette which is a mix between Harrods/Selfridges. Amazing. If you ever visit, make sure you go on the roof as there is an amazing view of Paris from there. Whilst inside I went to the Miu Miu section and spotted my beloved bag! (one day I will own it) I also went in Printemps, which is also expensive and has a Ladurée counter.

On the second day I went to the Louvre, I wasn't that impressed. I like art etc but it wasn't my cup of tea, I thought it was too big and the Mona Lisa is over rated. Also I made sushi that night, I have to say I was pretty good at it!

The third day I went to an exhibition on Madame Grès at Musée Bourdelle. I found it fascinating looking at her dresses and observing her sketches. It was clear to see that she was extremely talented and was amazing at draping/pleating.
Day four, I went to the Marché Dauphine. It is in amongst the Marché aux Puces but is more vintage. I loved wandering around looking at all of the vintage shops and things. Then in the evening I went to the cinema to see Un Jour aka One Day. It was a really good film! 

On my final day I went to Le Marais, it is the old part of Paris and is absolutely stunning! I would definitely live there, it has some amazing shops/cafés and gorgeous scenery. I also went shopping and bought a few things and then went to a rally nice park. 

Phew I know, mammoth post! But I had to share, if you get the chance go visit some of the places :)

Maddy xo

P.S. I got my GCSE results and they were preety good! 


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time - I went to Paris when I was really young, but I can barely remember any of it!

    Congrats on your results too :)

  2. It looks wonderful! I wish i could spend a week in the Lourve without other annoying tourists :)

    well done on your GCSE's :D xxxxxxx

  3. Wicked blog header & blazer.
    Congrats on the results :)

  4. lovely pics! your outfit is so cute :)


  5. Nice pics!


  6. Great post! I visited Paris last year too, and I so love the city! My latest post is also about my trip :) Isnt LaFayette the prettiest mall ever? ;)


  7. Those places are definitely wonderful and I dream to go there with my own money #arrogant :p LOL. But really, I wish.. youre so lucky..


  8. wow nice look



  9. looks so nice! thanks for your comement x

  10. Thanks for your lovely comment :D
    Love these pictures and I'm already following!


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  12. Lovely photos! Ps love your header(: x

  13. Wow France looks amazing and your pictures a great! I wish I could go now haha

  14. cool photos, must have been a lot of fun !

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