Little miracles

After returning from Paris I needed some cosmetics to get me back on track! Whilst I was there my hair was extremely volumised and a bit frizzy. Also my skin wasn't in the best condition. I think it was mainly down to using different hair products, and the humidity and for my skin the pollution of the city.

Although I rarely blog about products, I felt the need to share these essentials.

Good Things: Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser- I recently started using some of the products in this range, I have generally been impressed. This cleanser has worked really well for me in removing make-up, it also makes my skin really soft.
Face the Day Moisturiser- I use this in the day under make-up and like it, I don't really know how to tell a good moisturiser however it is fine for what I need it for. These products all smell very fruity and generally contain berry fragrances.

Aussie: 3 Minute Miracle Reconstruction- I don't think Aussie needs much more publicity, but it works wonders! I used the one for long hair on holiday and now use this one, which smells stronger but works the same. It leaves my hair really soft and smooth.

TIGI: Catwalk Fashionista Spritz and Shine- This spray claims to do pretty much everything, so when I saw it in TK Maxx I wanted to give it a try. I have been using this for a few months now and I really recommend it. I use it for controlling my hair, and de-frizzing it. It can be used in wet or dry hair, and I use it when my hair is almost dry.

Gorgeously Organic: Rhassoul Clay Face Mask- This product worked so well for me, my Mum bought it from a local company and let me use some. It comes as powder and you have to mix it with water, I had blackheads on my nose and it really got rid of them. They also do nice scrubs and serums.

In other news: I am starting Sixth Form on Wednesday, and got my suit today-along with a hat. Although I'll miss the freedom of Summer, I'm kinda ready to go back.

Maddy xo

(I'm not a pro at beauty, but let me know what you think of these types of post. I wanted to try something different.)


  1. I love Aussie! It definitely does work wonders.

  2. great selection girls xxAusie is my fav product xxx

  3. Love beauty posts, this was great, you should definitely do more :)
    That last one looks really interesting! Going to have to try and track that down :)


  4. Hi, thanks for saying such nice things about our Rhassoul Face Mask. We are delighted that you like it. Amongst our broad product range we have an Anti-Acne Facial Serum that is packed full of organic ingredients and perfect for helping get rid of blackheads and spots. One of the ingredients, Kiwi Seed Oil, is ideal for anyone with larger pores that clog up easily.