one life stand

Shirt(underneath)- Vintage, Jumper/Shoes/Hat-Primark, Trousers/Bag-H&M, Coat-New Look

Long time no blog! I know, I've been having a mini break lately mainly because I just didn't know what to post about. But here I am, back again wanting to show off a few new pieces. I wore this yesterday as I spent the day with my best friend having a catch up. She kindly took these photos for me when we went on a dog walk in the park. I got the jumper a little while ago and have been wearing it ever since, it's such nice quality for saying it's from Primark. The pleather trousers are the latest edition to my wardrobe. I've been trying to get them in my size for ages, so I'm guessing they've been pretty popular. I'm a bit in love, they can be so easily dressed up or down. Also say hi to my gorgeous winter coat with the amazing fur collar.

Anyway it's short and sweet as I'm off to work, hoping everyone has a lovely Christmas and New Year! I'm a little excited eee. Also check out my Tumblr and Twitter as I update these constantly.

Maddy xo


  1. Hi. Welcome back. The sweater looks nice on you. And the plum jacket is lovely.


  2. love the sweater and shirt combo
    nice colors


  3. Nice and cool style, i love your blog and your photos!
    If u can, visit:
    See ya!