Topshop Velvet Bag

Topshop Nail Varnishes Heart of Gold, Moonshine

Topshop Peace sign Bracelet and handmade charm bracelet

Benefit Browzings Brow Kit

Top-Topshop, Pleather Trousers-H&M

I do realise that my posts are getting fewer and far between but A-Levels are taking their toll on me and my blog. I have my first exam this Thursday (in sociology), which I am not exactly excited about. But anyway less of the depressing stuff. I bought some fabric yesterday for making my dress in textiles, so I'm quite excited about that and am going to a work party tonight. Woop.

Yes Christmas and New Year are over, but I decided to photograph a couple of my presents. I was so happy with what I received this year, I got almost everything I asked for and more. I've tried to take photos of my Christmas day and New Years outfit but as I said BUSY. So here we are, so much to do so little time. But dear blog, I haven't forgotten you. Sincerely, Maddy xo

(P.S. Please excuse the overexposed pictures, crazy hair and chipped nails)


  1. I've heard Snow Fairy smells amazing :)

  2. I see you got some great stuff. Good for you!

    Girlie Blog

  3. Oh... Lush lip balm is great!!!!

  4. I love your pleather trousers sweet :) And i've been wanting the moonshine nail varnish for ages! Any good? :)
    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog!

  5. the velvet clutch is so cool!

    come for a visit, and if you like sign as follower...i'll do back