Hey everyone, so as promised here is a mini film I made of some random things in half term. I've never made a video like this before but love these kind of montages of people's lives. Frassy often posts these kind of video's, obviously her's are more interesting then me messing about in my bedroom, but still. I just filmed lots of little bits each day and then merged them together with a Foster the People track in the background. Sounds simple but it actually took me a while. Just to let you know I was in the process of re-decorating my room, which is why the walls are awful and change half way through.

Featuring: my wardrobe, New York calendar (counting down until I go in October), some nail varnishes, my phone with a funky Vogue background, fashion collage, doing my cat flicked eye liner, painting my nails, walking to go into town, brick wall with funny sign, putting my hair in a top knot, Tresor present from my french exchange, dancing, drawings, watching Foo Fighters on Youtube, Company magazine, bags, posing,  my basic make-up, my beloved trench coat,  my blog, tumblr (I made a new one too), mask, my jewellery in Muji storage, sunglasses, sunset.

Let me know what you think.



  1. Hey i love the video. reminds me of some frassy makes! i want to try and make one of these too. any tips? i have a blog, i dont have much on their but would appriciate if you had a look :)
    Chloe x

  2. http://vivathelbd.blogspot.co.uk/