11 questions tag

I was tagged in a post by Effy so here are my answers...

1 Fave genre of music? I genuinely have such an eclectic music taste and my itunes is such a mash up. But my favourite genre is probably indie because I like a lot of indie bands. 

2 Fave type of blogs to read, eg, beauty, lifestyle? Fashion and style/

3. Fave T.v show? I watch such trashy TV, I have recently go into Keeping up with the Kardashians. I love Made in Chelsea too. Totes.

4 Fave make-up brand? Not that I can afford it but MAC and Urban Decay for eyeshadow.

5 Fave shop? Topshop or ZARA.

6 Fave country and why? Italy, I love it as my family are from there and it has such a nice culture. Who doesn't like the food?

7 Fave colour? Pink, I'm such a girl.

8 Fave book atm? Secrets of Stylists

9 Fave season and why? Summer because it's my birthday and I can't deal with lack of daylight.

10 Fave nail polish brand? I actually lots from 17, it's really cheap and they have such a wide range of colours.

11 Fave designer? Elie Saab



  1. This was fun to read. It is nice to learn about other bloggers.

  2. Love learning about other bloggers :-). I definitely agree with your taste in music ;-) xx