Glossy Pages #2

Abbey Lee Kershaw is stunning


Marina I love you x got Primadonna Girl on repeat

This Valentino dress is beautiful

Hello. I think that I'm having a long distance relationship with my blog. Probably starting it just before GCSE's wasn't the best plan of action, but I still find time occasionally for it. I just wanted to do a quick post featuring some things that have caught my eye in magazines. Some are from Glamour and others from the latest Company-which is my favourite magazine. It combines forward fashion with amazingly interesting articles. Company, I (metaphorically) bow down to you.

So anyway I had a textiles deadline today for coursework which stressed me out a little, but luckily I have an inset say tomorrow. Also if you are interested I got Instagram, which has become a bit like a food diary. Basically what I'm trying to say is if you want, follow me: madisonfiorenza.