half moon

Gold: Topshop- Heart of Gold
Nude: No 7- So Simple

On my inset day I decided to do a bit of ~nail art~. I just made a little stencil and did some gold half moons, it's really simple but I think it's effective! What do you reckon? I'm currently really excited as I have just got myself a ticket to a festival this summer. It's a local one called Y Not, and I am already thinking about what to wear.

I also thought seen as this is a bit of a short post, I would include a playlist of some songs that are recent and old favourites. It's pretty random but if you have Spotify and want to listen click here Mid-week soundtrack (1)25.04.12

Who knows maybe I'll do this more often.


p.s. I received my first online clothing purchase today from ebay and just bought something else oops.


  1. I'm actually just super jealous you can buy topshop nail polish. Well, topshop anything at all...I wish they would open a Flagship store here in Portugal.

    xo Joana

  2. Ooh I love this look. I've never done any nail art I just don't think I have the patience xxx