Jumper- Miss Selfrige
Pleather Trousers/Headband- H&M
Shoes- New Look
Bracelets- DIY
Ring- Topshop
Nails- 17 Parma Violet

I really wanted a bright pink neon jumper after seeing this one but it was way too overpriced, so I got a cheaper version but some scumbag stole my Primark bag! (why would you bother) Anyway to cut a long story short this went into the sale and my mum bought it me as a surprise. I love it, it's so bright but I think it's amazing. This combination had to be done quite frankly. I can't wait for the weather to cheer up and be able to actually wear spring clothes though, may need to get some new things. Currently eyeing up this , these and undecided about these.

Hope everyone's enjoying their chocolate, I've got a bit of Lindt which is much deserved after I gave it up for lent (for non-religious reasons).


P.S. Did anyone see me in my friend's Cosmic JC Litas? So ~indie~ hahaa.


  1. Woah - what a bastard who stole your Primark bag! Thumbs up for your mum though! I adore that colour jumper - and how banging do you look in those pleater trousers!! pwaorr! xxx

    1. I know!Yes she's a babe haha, and ooh thanks!