Yes this is going to be a whole post dedicated to THE shoes. I first set eyes on them on Katie's blog and on the Topshop website. Perspex, pointed flats with a metallic toe = ideal. So today when I went shopping with my Mum I mentioned them, and when we got into good old Toppers my Mother raced over and found the last pair in my size. Perfect right? I also got a couple of nail polishes of course.

I've had a really cute weekend, spending time with my family and went for lunch today. Oh and having the day off tomorrow is bonus.


Currently pretending exams don't exist. 


  1. i love these but am worried about getting a pair for Summer ( hello hot feet ) but im imaging them with a tan and cute nail polish ...
    damn you have won me over x

  2. I like these too. They look so versatile. I can see them with a dress up or dress down.
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