British Summer Holiday

Ok so my Summer has been pretty crazy so far, so fitting in blogging has been extremely difficult. In the first week I went to Devon to stay with a friend which was amazing. The weather was so hot and I got tanned and my friends burned. We went to the beach and watched lots of live music. which is one of my favourite things to do and we also visited Exeter to do a bit of shopping. I hit the Urban Outfitters sale and snapped up a few bargains, we also found some pretty cool vintage shops. (let me know if you want to to know more about them). I managed to get some pictures from my stay and of my outifits. It was everything you imagine a  British seaside holiday to be filled with; fish and chips, sea, sand, a pier, ice cream, Pimm's, BBQ's.


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  1. Looks like summer is amazing for you! Glad you're enjoying it!