Y Not?

So seen as I went to my first festival a couple of weeks ago, I thought I'd write a little bit about it and maybe give some festival tips. I know lots of people go to festivals every summer, but for those that haven't been yet here are some tips for the future.

The festival I went to is called Y Not and it is quite a small festival compared to others like Reading and Leeds, but it is up-and-coming and I think it is quite a good one to go to as your first festival. Also it is in Derbyshire which is where I live so a lot of local people go. The majority of the music is rock and indie and I saw some great bands such as The View, The Wombats, Reverand and the Makers, The Pigeon Detectives, Little Comets,The Subways, King Charles and Frankie and the Heartstrings.

My top 5 necessities
1: Baby wipes and tissue- they make it so easy to freshen up and tissue is a must as portaloos run out of paper quickly.
2: Chewing gum- this was so helpful for me and my friends, we bought a tub from poundland to share as it can be difficult to brush your teeth and they just keep your breath fresh.
3: Warm layers- at night it can get really cold so take jumpers etc to wear and blankets as well as sleeping bags.
4: Torch- my torch decided not to work and our lantern broke on the first night so take a couple if possible, it can be difficult to navigate around tents and the portaloos don't have lights in them.
5: Bumbag- when my mum suggested this to me I laughed in her face, but they are so handy. I made mine from a small bag and attached it to a belt and I didn't lose anything all weekend.

I hope to go back next year and to go to more festivals as I will be 18. Hopefully these tips are useful for anyone going to Reading or Leeds next week, and I am sincerely jealous of all of you.



  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun! :)

  2. Looks like a great festival. My mum insisted i take a bumbag too, I took one in the end! xo


  3. your so lucky, i would love to go to one! looks like so much fun. following your blog, maybe you could check out ours?xo


  4. I love indie rock.. went to Pohoda festival in Slovakia last year and it was full of them. Sooo good. Cool photos :)