cold day in the sun

Top/Rings.Bag- H&M,
Skirt- ASOS,
Shawl- Urban Outfitters,

I have mainly spent today listening to music and attempting to figure out what to do with my life post sixth form. Then my internet failed so I took some pictures of an outfit. The shoes are new, my Mum practically forced me to get them in OFFICE but I'm still not 100% sure about them. They're kind of ugly but I am excited to style them with more things in the coming Autumn. My nails were inspired by Smarties.

Album's of the week:

Re-discovery: White Stripes- Elephant (2003)
Favourite tracks: Seven Nation Army, In The Cold Cold Night

New discovery: Jessie Ware- Devotion (2012)
Favourite tracks: 110%, Wildest Moments, Nigh Light

Title song- Cold Day In The Sun- Foo Fighters



  1. Very pretty outfit, am in love with your hair!xo

  2. Love this outfit and your nails look cute too!!

  3. I am in love with this outfit, love how you mixed the sheer black top with the holey cardi haha, I have just spent my day precisely the same way as you, working out what to do post sixth form, in a right pickle haha x

  4. This outfit is so cute, keep the shoes, they're fab. I know, it's a tricky one deciding what to do after sixth form. UCAS forms all over the place...
    I'm a new follower, not only for your great clothes, but for the title of this post ;)

  5. Love the spotty top:)