comfortably numb

Top- Topshop
Trousers/bag- Primark
Shoes- Nelly
Belt- Urban Outfitters

This is one of my transitional Autumn looks, I guess. I wore it to town on friday night (minus the heels) for a spot of shopping and a meal at Nando's. I love the baroque trend so had to get these trousers. The shoes were sent to me by Nelly , which I adore. I am currently building up a mental wish list which includes leather, tartan and dungarees. However I am on a spending ban as I am going to New York next month which I am ridiculously excited about! Also to let you know I have made a Twitter account specifically for updates on my blog so follow if you wish.

Album's of the week:

Re-discovery: Scissor Sisters (2004) After seeing them on Styled to Rock.
Favourite tracks: Laura, Comfortably Numb,

New discovery: The XX- Coexist (2012)-Not my usual taste but I've been getting into their sad songs lately.
Favourite tracks: Angels, Fiction, Sunset

P.S. I am selling a few things on ebay so check them out HERE.


  1. the shoes are the most perfect things I have ever laid eyes on. Love what you paired them with too beaut xx

  2. love the peplum top on you! x

  3. This whole outfit is just fab and the shoesvare to die for! x

  4. Cute peplum top!!