Do you like good music?

When I started this blog in 2010 my plan was to write about a mixture of things hence the name 'Madison's Assortment'. However I have predominantly focused it on my style and fashion, and occasionally some other things like lifestyle and small section of music. So lately I have been thinking of blogging more about music. If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I am a massive music fan, and over the summer I have realised this even more. I have been brought up listening to lots of different genre's of music, and my family is very musical. I do like a huge variety of music but mainly I listen to indie and rock (I'm a bit of a Foo Fighters fangirl in case you didn't already know). So basically I'm thinking of writing some posts every so often about new bands I've discovered, album/single reviews, playlists and possibly even musician's style. What does everyone think?

Over the summer I have watched a lot of live bands, and discovered many new up-and-coming artists as well as getting into some old classic ones. So I have made a Spotify playlist of some of my latest finds.

Bad Blood- Bastille
Wildest Moments- Jessie Ware
Lady Percy- King Charles
Joanna- Little Comets
Howlin' For You- The Black Keys
Hold On- Sbtrkt (pronounced subtract) feat. Sampha
Jamaica- Theme Park
Better Off Without You- Summer Camp
Changes- These Reigning Days
Lines- Lucy Rose
Default- Django Django
Oblivion- Grimes

I also want to follow more music blogs so leave any links you know of or your own!


  1. I'm a massive music fan myself and I was thinking of doing a few music posts as well! This sounds like a fab idea and I'd love to read other peoples views :)
    I love this playlist btw!


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  2. Ah a girl after my own heart, we have a similar music taste ! Grimes has been my favourite this summer xx