love will tear us apart

Top- Warehouse,
Skirt- ASOS,
Belt- Urban Outfitters,
Shoes- River Island,
Rings- H&M

Hello so I'm currently soaking up the last of the sun, and wearing out all of my summer clothes. I'm wearing as much colour as possible before I am forced to delve into my autumn wardrobe of darkness. I got this skirt from ASOS a few months ago and it is the perfect shape however unfortunately it is a bit indecently short. My belt was a bargain from the Urban Outfitters sale when I went in Exeter, and my top is an old one that I have worn to death.

As I said in the last post I shall be writing more about music so I have created a summer soundtrack. It has a mix of some new and some old tracks. Enjoy!



  1. Definitely understandable that you are wearing all the sunny clothes you can right now. It'll be fall soon. What a cute skirt.
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  2. I love the colour of that skirt! x

  3. I am so envious of your hair!!!

    xx Veronica