Stiletto Nails

Today I decided to try out something different with my nails. I love to have painted nails and every so often I'll do some nail art or something. The stiletto nail trend has been catching my eye after seeing them on celebrities such as Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna. I think they're kind of love/hate but I quite like the witchy look. They can be really extreme using acrylic nails but I have just shaped my natural nails so they are not so long. I wanted to keep to my natural nail colour and then have a red heart shaped tip. 



  1. I love this, it looks great! But my nails are so short they don't go past the ends of my fingers and I don't think I could get anything done with such long nails haha! I've just done a nail art post on my blog too :)
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  2. They're gorgeous! I love Lana Del Rey, she's stunning. XO

  3. Ooh they are gorgeous! I think I need to grow mine a little more lol

    Ellie xo
    MisseBlog | MisseDesign

  4. they look fab!


  5. I LOVE nails like these! Seriously need to start growing mine back so I could do this!