Hot Cakes

Jacket- Zara, Top- UNIF x UO, Trousers- ASOS

On Friday night I went to see The Darkness in Sheffield on their first UK date of their Let Them Eat Cakes tour. They were absolutely incredible live, and put on such a good show. I wore my red trousers and borrowed my friends UNIF sleeveless t-shirt which I think went quite well and kind of fitted the theme of the night. I paired this with a leather jacket and my creeper style Office shoes. It was definitely one of the best gigs I've ever been to. Justin Hawkins has such amazing stage presence, and they are such talented musicians. I also loved what they were all wearing and their glam- rock meets classic-70's-rock style.

I'm now on a post-gig downer, long live rock n roll.


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