Although I've never been the most regular blogger and have always taken breaks, looking back I have always documented certain things every year. Since my 16th birthday I have posted about my birthday; what I wore, about my presents or what I did. The thing I like most about keeping a blog is that one day I can look back and remember it all.

I never usually do anything too extravagant and this year I had a British tea party in my garden with my best friends. Me and my family really worked on the decorations and theme and it was a lot of fun to do! I found some cute tea sets in charity shops and cheap cake stands and hand made some bunting. My Mum baked so many cakes like an absolute cake boss, and luckily the sun came out. At night of course I went out to make it feel more like an 18th!



  1. Happy Birthday!
    Your day sounds really cute, I love all the photos!
    Teenage Daydreams X

  2. happy birthday - looks like you had a lovely day! xxx

  3. This looks adorable! Hope you had a lovely day and welcome to adulthood!
    (plus AMAZING holographic bag)