Band Style

Over the summer and the past year or so, many new bands have come into my attention for their music and often their style. I personally love the way music influences style and think how musicians dress is really interesting and often inspiring. Lately I seem to have been very inspired by male musicians style but also there are some women who have pretty cool looks too. Here are some of my favourites...

Deap Vally are just two badass rock chicks with a pretty crazy vintage style. The look: short shorts, leather and crop tops.

The Haim sisters have an effortlessly cool laid back style. The look: leather, t shirts and denim.
After seeing these brothers at Y Not I have loved their music and signature style. The Family Rain look: skinny jeans, bomber jackets and buttoned up shirts.
And finally, there seems to be a lot of buzz around Temples lately and again I was lucky enough to see them this summer and have admired their style and sound for a while. The retro feel to their music is perfectly suited by the way they dress.The video to Keep In The Dark is entrancing. The look: skinny jeans, oversized shirts, boots.

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