New year, new blog

I've had this blog running since 2010 (say what) but never seem to have gotten into a proper routine or swing with it. I kind of have neglected it a lot. I just decided that starting a Tumblr style diary blog would be easier and more accessible. I guess I'm kind of lazy but taking a quick snap of an outfit in the mirror using my phone is a lot simpler for me. I enjoy sharing my life on the internet and capturing moments.Writing is most certainly not my forte however, and I find it difficult to find the energy to take proper outfit photos. Unfortunately I've never had a friend or boyfriend to be the designated outfit photographer. I still want to keep this blog, if the inspiration takes me I will post on here again. For now though I'll be on my newly named blog 'rock n clothes'. If you care to see what I'm wearing head on over there rockandclothes.tumblr.com.
For now though it's a see you later.
Peace & love.
Madison xxx

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